What is Intelicare Direct?

ICD is a leading customer service solutions company offering businesses like yours effective ways to improve customer satisfaction, sales and quality assurance. We work as an extension of your organization to increase your bottom line by catering to your number one asset, your customers.


Customer Satisfaction

Our success is dependent on creating yours. ICD diligence is evident in every detail of service that we deliver directly to your customers, just like they are our own.

handshakeTailored Solutions

We don’t serve up generic customer service or sales initiatives. ICD works closely with your business to create unique strategy that will best fit your company needs; in the process, ensuring your brand message, mission and values are represented accurately and never diluted.


Reduced Overhead

Time, money, space and energy are all fleeting resources. Instead of leasing space and hiring, training and managing full-time employees, invest in ICD and see an ROI that takes your business to the next level.

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